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Mind Kind Ep.4 – How racism affects a child's mental health

April 10, 2021 Joanna North Season 1 Episode 4
Mind Kind
Mind Kind Ep.4 – How racism affects a child's mental health
Show Notes

Mind Kind is about helping parents to think about mental health. This episode of the Mind Kind podast is about how racism affects a child's mental health and how it affects families and adults too.

In this episode Jo talks to Sheetal Amin, who is a British Asian woman and psychotherapist who works in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.  She is Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee for the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Child College.  Much of her work within the NHS involves Looked After Children and Child refugees in the United Kingdom.  Alongside her NHS work, Sheetal is also in private practice as an interpersonal psychotherapist, consultant and supervisor.

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Dr Joanna North is a psychotherapist and psychologist specialising in child mental health and author of the book Mind Kind - Your Child's Mental Health.

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